Friday, 22 October 2010

Manchester Fashion

Kind of failed at posting outfit posts so far, so here are some of me, Bee, and some 'street photojournalism' from Manchester, as well as photos of Jay Brannan at the Night and Day Café :)

Some market goodies:

A tasty muffin:


A really cool guy in a suit who had immense skill at balancing on a damp bench:

I loved the brown bag, and the dress of the girl with the camera:


The Night and Day Café (I want to live there, ok?) :

The one and only perfect Mr. Jay Brannan:

and a poster of him that we stole for my wall:

His support act, John Ainsworth, who is super talented and has a voice like Matt Bellamy's from Muse:

Bee, at the station:
Me at the station. We were rocking winter coats for the first time and it felt good:

and some crazy pigeons:

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010

I think I might just start posting outfit posts for a while because that's all I really have time for with college :/ idk though.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding Fashion

What I like about doing wedding photography is that I
  • get to dress up
  • I get to see other people dressing up
and because I'm a 2nd photographer, I have time to focus on little details that the main photographer might miss. I tend to take photos more of people who are dressed fashionably, rather than just nicely. I love when people pay particular attention to details of their outfit, the little things that set it out from more average, simple outfits.

I actually quite like the 'matchy matchy' thing that tends to happen in weddings, like the same shoes, bags and accessories for bridesmaids. Plus I like all the cream and pale gold that often crop up again and again because they are timeless, traditional colours.

Bags, shoes and hairpieces are all things I tend to photograph... These are the type of photos I don't really want to give to the wedded couple, but actually think 'I'll take a photo of that for later', like some photo scrapbook that I can look back on.

Some people wear bold, statement pieces, like the 'kimono' style dress above, whilst others go for more subtle details like the little flowery ruffles of the green dress. It's interesting that you can actually pick out the people who appreciate fashion to the ones who just bought something they felt was appropriate for a wedding.

I have a thing for those big, ribboned, fancy hats that seem to only really look right at formal occasions. If I could get away with it I'd probably buy and wear them to college, but I'd probably get a ton of funny looks, and look ridiculously contrived.

I was pretty obsessed with the woman wearing the beige blazer, she probably wondered why I took so many photos of her in particular (haha, creepy stalker photographer is me). She had the kind of natural elegance I would so, so like to exude myself. Alas, perhaps future me will!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

I spent too much time on the content to think of a decent title

This post, which will actually cover a number of topics, has been a long time coming, and I'm writing it before I get distracted by Tumblr and before I do my homework that I have promised myself I will do today so that I don't let my work get on top of me already, one day into college.

I took almost seven full facebook albums worth of photos (each album holds 200 photos each, you do the math) of the Lake District, and then hardly any of Bath... I pretty much got abused for wanting to use my camera by my family because I was meant to be spending quality time and not hiding behind my photography so I ended up not taking anything fun or meaningful or pretty, just a bunch of photos of my cousin and brother playing football.

I think so that this isn't a mile long post full of ridiculous chunks of text I'll post photos to chronicle the days, and see how that goes.

Day 1: The holiday homes, the resident cat and the views.

Day 2: Pub meals, walking, sheep and many, many cows.

Day 3: The World of Beatrix Potter

Day 4: Hadrien's Wall and my stepdad's birthday

Day 5: Keswick (including an actual photo of me) AKA I like taking photos of buskers. And people's dogs.

Day 6: Ullswater (a seven mile trek into the wilderness, in the rain)

Day 7: Maryport (the birth place of Pu-Tang), the sea, Alex the herpderp king of futbol, and seagulls

and finally, a photo of me on a swing I wasn't supposed to go on:

After this post I have come to the conclusion I take too many photos, and this will probably be the last time I invest in something so extensive, so next time my photo-based posts will be considerably shorter!